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Project name/ case study


Farming systems


Rainfall (agro-ecological zone)

CA-SARD Project - Kenya


maize-beans based, sugar cane along the sugar belt,  horticultre mainly vegetables and fruits, tillage practices are mainly hand hoe, DAP and  a few tractor operated farms

cassava, cowpeas and local vegetable, groundnuts, kales, maize, maize and beans, millet, pinaapples, sorghum, sweet potatoes, sunflower

the seasonal distribution is 500 – 1 000 mm during 1st rains and 430 – 800 mm during 2nd rains

CA-SARD Project - Tanzania

Karatu- Tanzania

Maize-based, with pigeon peas, wheat, potatoes, beans and dolichos lablab, cattle and goats are main livestock, oxen till more than 50% of the land

Maize, pegion peas, wheat, dolichos lablab, potatoes, sunflower, horticulture

Bimodal and varying between 400 – 1000 mm/year. A