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The overall project goal is to assess and learn jointly from past and on-going CA experiences under which conditions and to what extent does CA strengthen the socio-economic position of landholders in Africa. This will enable the identification of knowledge gaps for future research, development and promotion of CA.


The project aims at the following specific objectives:

1)    An up-to-date knowledge and better comprehension of the impacts of CA practices in Africa (WP1)
2)    The testing and validation of bio-physical, socio-economic and conceptual models of innovation systems for analyzing the impact and adoption of CA in Africa; (WP2, WP3)
3)    The identification of pathways to make models readily applicable for decision-makers in different African regions and under different conditions; (WP3)
4)    A strengthened network of the principal stakeholders and trained African researchers to promote CA research and development in Africa (WP4)


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