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Obj.0.1: To ensure achievement of the envisaged project outcomes and results and reporting to EU within an optimal timeframe

Obj.0.2: To co-ordinate administration of all WPs and to provide administrative support for management activities (such as recruitment and financial reporting)

Obj.0.3: To establish inter-linkages and facilitate information flows between WPs, and communication with stakeholders at large and the scientific audience

Description of work

Task 0.1: Organisation the management team and project monitoring. The Coordination Team of CIRAD will monitor and evaluate progress and all project finances (including reviews of external audits) with assistance of a specialised financial service at CIRAD. Contracts and legal material will be prepared with the Commission. A consortium agreement will be drafted and signed before the start of the project.

The Coordination Team will meet at a frequency (at least twice a month) that guarantees quality and consistency of communication and administration across the whole project.

Task 0.2: Coordination of the steering committee/organisation of advisory board. The Steering Committee (SC), chaired by the coordinator (CIRAD), will provide a route for feedback and reflection so that the project remains responsive to changes suggested by contactors and other stakeholders. The SC will consist of one representative from each partner institute and will meet twice a year, during the Global Workshops, and by videoconference. The approval of the EC scientific officer in charge of the project will be requested before any change to the planned activities is adopted.

Task 0.3: Organisation of Global Workshops involving all partner institutes at project inception (month 2), mid-term (month 16) and at the end of the project (month 30). During the inception workshop the criteria for case study selection will be discussed and on the basis of those the case studies will be selected (1 or 2 per region). A mid-term workshop will be organised to cross-feed between different WP and regions, as well as progress will be discussed with stakeholders. During this workshop, the modelling analysis for to case studies will start (WP3). A final workshop will be organised 2 months before the end of the project to allow a comparative analysis between case studies and synthesis of the results (see also WP3).

Task 0.4: The monitoring system that will be adapted and developed will include a web-based application to manage the project's output (with secure access for project partners) as defined in 'deliverables'. Its aim is to provide an actual, quick and easy to use, and effective overview of the status of each deliverable per contractor and the project's financial depletion against budget.

Task 0.5: Communication and dissemination of project progress. Setting up a Website of project objectives and outcomes to target wider audience. The coordinator will take care of the website updating to ensure relevant information on CA. Furthermore, regular newsletters on project progress will be diffused on this website on a six monthly basis.