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The jsmallfib Joomla! plugin allows you to transform a normal Joomla! article into a simple but fully functional file browser. Files and folders within specified repositories can be browsed and, depending on user- and/or group-based access rights, modified.

Once the plugin is installed and enabled, all you need to do to see it in action is create a new article (or edit an existing one) and place in it the special command (do not leave spaces between the opening brace and the jsmallfib keyword):


The article will now display the contents of the top level repository folder, as specified by the Default jsmallfib Path parameter in the plugin configuration page within the administrator site. If you have left the default value after installation, all files and folders of the repository will be stored inside a folder jsmallfib_top under your Joomla! installation. Jsmallfib will create this folder when first accessing the repository.

Please notice that the repository will only be displayed when the article is viewed directly and not if this is displayed in a list of articles (such as when using a blog mode).

This shows you how easy it is to start using jsmallfib. However, this plugin has a lot more features. For details on how to use individual functions based on backend parameters, you may just hover your mouse on each parameter's name in the plugin configuration page (in the admin site) to display all relevant information. For more documentation (including a tutorial), please refer to the jsmallfib Wiki pages.

If you enjoy this software, please consider making a donation to the developer:

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