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Activities are organised into five workpackages (WP0-WP4) :

  • WP0: project coordination.
  • WP1: create the knowledge data base on CA in Africa.
  • WP2: review and testing of model based tools for assessment of CA.
  • WP3: comparative modelling analysis and evaluation of cases studies in each region at different scale.
  • WP4: strengthen capacity, disseminate and network on CA development and assessment in Africa.


Workpackages Schema

Schematic representation of the work packages and their linkages.

WP1 provides the reference framework and data for the model testing in WP2. The best available models are used for the analysis of the case studies in WP3. WP1 provides the reference framework and documentation for the case study analysis in WP3. The lessons learnt from WP3 will be shared among stakeholders (WP4). Training and learning in WP4 evolves around outcomes from WP1, 2 and 3.WP1 and WP2.


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